HTK Youth


Isolat-IN to Jesus

This space contains everything you need to keep growing in your love for Jesus while we are together-apart.

Our Plan

EVERY DAY: read a section of Luke’s gospel by yourself or with family
FRIDAYS 6:30-8PM: Tune in to Zoom (link below) for Youth Group Zoooom
SUNDAYS 11-11:30ish: Jump on Zoom for a quick catch up and bible chat after 10am church

For Families

It’s always important that our families are gospel hubs, places that we ‘speak the truth in love’ together, but now more than ever. Here are some resources to help you encourage one another as a family:

Need Help?

Coronavirus is creating huge challenges for individuals and families. If you need any practical or emotional support, the church family at HTK would love to help.


This Week’s Bible Study

Getting Set Up with Zoom

  1. Download Zoom (best on computer, with webcam and ok internet): or check your app store on iphone/android.

  2. Enter the Link:

  3. Wait for the host to join the meeting

  4. Or if that’s not working, phone in (normal call charges apply) by dialling: +61280156011,,4192147002#

  5. We’re off!

Upcoming Bible Reading (Luke’s Gospel):

At Youth May 15: Luke 9:18-51

Term 2 Week 4

At Youth May 22: 12:13-34

Term 2 Week 5


At Youth May 29: Luke 15:1-32