HTPlay Laying the Foundations

For the next two years HTPlay (preschool) will be working their way through a programme called Teaching Little Ones (TLO). TLO is a two year programme designed to lay the foundations of biblical teaching in an age appropriate way. It uses repeated ideas, simple language, age appropriate concepts, games, craft, songs and visual stories to apply God’s good plan to the lives of 3-5 year olds.

Jesus is God’s Son (Term 1, 2020) - The children began this year learning about Jesus and the miracles that he did to come to an understanding of who Jesus is as God’s son.

God’s Big Kingdom (Term 2, 2020) - The TLO material was supplemented this year by a Kidswise unit called God’s Big Kingdom. It focuses on the parables Jesus told.

In the Beginning (Term 3, 2020) - Adults and children at HTK will be learning from Genesis in Term 3. HTPlay will learn about how God made the world, what went wrong and how God’s plan of salvation carries on through the generations from Abraham to David.

People in the Bible (Term 4, 2020) - God changes people with his word and Spirit and we see this clearly in the people of Peter and Paul in the New Testament. In the lead up to the Christmas Story, children will learn about talking about Jesus to others.